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I have been a tease for the last cou­ple of days, as I was wear­ing the Disa skin Sachi kindly passed on to me to review! Adam-n-Eve is get­ting a new shiny store and new skins as well.  This is the first one of the 2! I will show you the sec­ond one before the end of the week! […]

Blonde Vs Brunette: Fun with Kaelyn

Kae­lyn and I have known each other quite while even though we actu­ally never really met in per­son.   Today we finally go the shot we have been look­ing for to get together shar­ing a blog post. Since we both had the sexy red Celoe April dress, we went with a Blonde vs. Brunette theme, using the amazing […]

In love With Leah

Here she is, I finally man­aged to get my hands on Glam Affair’s recent release of the Leah skin.  I do say that all the time, but this is my new favorite!!! This time you have the extra choice of Blonde, Dark and Red eye­brows. In addi­tion, there are freck­les you are buy as an extra and […]


As I said in my pre­vi­ous post, May­fair is pretty neat, so I decided to go on a stroll around the region.  I did promise to show a lit­tle more and here it is. It is rare when a shop­ping region impresses me with it’s build­ing and design, I think the last one I really liked that was was Armidi; but I have to say […]