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These Are Not …

… The Droids You Are Look­ing For! I meant to say (cough cough), this is not a poi­soned apple I am hold­ing right now! This is a per­fectly good inno­cent red apple right out of the tree that I did not inject with any kind of harm­ful sub­stance! I mean, why would I want to hurt any­one? Really? When you think about it? […]


Per­fect sur­prise in the release of the lat­est Lara skin: Emma. This time, we do not have addi­tion make up lay­ers in eye shad­ows or lip­sticks. Nope, this time Lara intro­duced teeth! They come in the usual lip­stick col­ors and actu­ally look not bad at all. Lara Hurley-Emma Pale Fat­pack I will say that oddly enough, the […]


My love for Lara Skins is quite well doc­u­mented, and I could not resist get­ting my hands on one of the 3 Vin­tage Fair releases she has there. So let me intro­duce you to Dita! As I said, there are 3 skins released at the Vin­tage Fair by Lara, I could have eas­ily picked up all 3, but what drew me […]


My top 2 pro­lific skin designer Lara Hur­ley has just had a new mini release of the Dessa skin. Why do I call it mini? well because this one comes with 5 make-ups  instead of the 8. Lara Hur­ley — Dessa in Pale Have you noticed the lit­tle beauty mark just above the lip?  The qual­ity of the face is as […]