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I Have Been Framed!!!

I am just feel­ing so tired today, so I guess I need to remem­ber not to go raid­ing on WOW in the mid­dle of the night. In the mean­time, back in SL we have a lovely pose frame from Glit­terati recently released for Stum­ble­bum and I picked this lovely top and skirt combo at the TDR Blue. The prop does […]

Feel Free To Undress Me

The other day, I shared with you the Jimi shirt for men from Legal Insan­ity, and today it is about the Faye dresses which are the equivalent’s for women. I picked out this one to show you ladies, there are many “top­ics” to pick from. It will come as no sur­prise that I chose that one! I am a woman […]


I did share with you a few days ago the info about the Aris­Aris Sum­mer fes­ti­val. I went back again yes­ter­day and picked up this really cute dress there for a bar­gain. 1 Hun­dred. Breezy Dress. Blue [Shag] — La La Love Me (hair) Related arti­cles Cathrine — 22769( 22769 andThe Aris­Aris Sum­mer Fash­ion Fes­ti­val( What do you think […]